The SALLD-1 workshop focuses on approaches to combining SA together with LLD, which to our knowledge has not been undertaken (explicitly) before, in the aim of exploring relevant principles, methodologies, resources, tools and applications.

It is open to presenting diverse perspectives on this joint subject matter, such as with regard to any domain (e.g. general media or social media, literary texts and digital humanities, fintech, cyber security, and so on); modelling and technical features; lexical resources and complex multi-level structure; emotion, hate speech and common words that become abusive in specific context; keywords, tags, polarity, standards, and any other related issue.

Reviews or encodings and interconnection of SA tasks applying semantic technologies with LLD are also welcome. The workshop is initiated in the context of the NexusLinguarum COST Action – European network for Web-centred linguistic data science (CA 18209), stemming from the work carried out in Working Group 4 in cooperation with other WG members, to represent and exploit the strict collaboration holding between use cases and applications (WG4), linked data-based language resources (WG1) and linked data-aware NLP services (WG2).